Wine and Cheese Masterclass

Wine and cheese creates a delicious unity of flavours!

What is a Masterclass?

The Masterclass is a very specific type of seminars with a small number of people where the Master speaker representing their professional field presents wine or food and sample them with the Masterclass’ participants.

Some unique wines or taste combinations are usually presented in the Masterclass resulting in an ultimate life’s tasting experience.

Wine & Cheese Masterclass

It is known that the combination of wine and cheese creates a delicious unity of flavours. But does any type of cheese match with any type of wine? Definitely not!

To this gastronomic Masterclass, we invited two leading ambassadors who will represent the gastronomic fields in which they excel. Giorgos Floudas is an owner of the wine company "Trinity" in Athens, specialist in wine and holder of WSET Diploma. His expressive manner of presenting wines will impress you!

Giorgos Kyriakopoulos is an owner of the company "Provence" in Athens. Not only does he represent several unique variants of Greek yellow cheese, but also is an importer of cheese originating mainly in France. His knowledge and special cheeses that he represents are by themselves an experience that you can live in this specialized Masterclass.

Masterclass operation

Those who manage to make their reservation and participate in the seminar will be in a closed room with tables. The two Masters will be giving their presentation together while tasting some very special wines and then combining them with cheese.

Is Umami the right combination after all?

*The seats are limited and will be given according to the priority booking basis.

Participation fee: 30

Saturday 18/02 15:30 Hotel Astir Egnatia, Alexandroupolis