Wine & Gastronomy Seminars by experts

Vasilis Galanos

The favourite presenter of the TV programme “Γεύσεις και Οίνος” will talk to us, in his own manner, about the importance of our two favourite topics. The wine in combination with the gastronomy will be the subject of a speech that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who loves wine and good food.

*Free entrance with the basic ticket

Sunday 19/02 - 17:00 Hotel Astir Egnatia, Alexandroupolis

Dimitris Antonopoulos

Dimitris Antonopoulos is a well-travelled and “unusual” gastronomer in regards of the global cuisines.

The columnist and well-known journalist of the Αθηνοράματος and Alpha Guide will, in his speech, reveal the evolution of the Greek cuisine from a rather modern point of view.

Can we, I wonder, disturb the holiness and loyalty of the classical Greek cuisine?

Can we imagine cooking moussakas, stuffed vegetables, peas, chickpeas or green beans differently?

Any catering professional or lover of culinary evolution shouldn’t miss this talk!

*Free entrance with the basic ticket

Sunday 19/02 - 18:30 Hotel Astir Egnatia, Alexandroupolis